How To Be A (Successful) Digital Entrepreneur in Online Business

Learn How To Start A Successful Lifestyle Online Business From Mindvalley-based Industry Expert

If you are tired of the 9-5 grind and looking to start a LIFESTYLE BUSINESS ONLINE but are confused, overwhelmed, feared and don't know how to start, this report is a golden nugget to you:

  • 5 habits of highly successful business owners that you must possess to start an online business SUCCESSFULLY and earn extra income.
  • Discover the exact habits formula successful business owners used to create their first million dollars. Master them and you are on your way to be like them!
  • How and why to set bigger goals to fuel yourself to start an online business, and feel like a superman in earning more from your online business. 
  • How to take massive action in starting a business online so that you can earn money wherever you travel.
  • Ways to break off procrastination and fill with burning desire to get you to take action NOW! Learn the strategies and build your first online business immediately so that you can enjoy life faster than a normal 9-5 job goer. 

Are you looking to start an online business but don't know how to and where to start?

Are you feeling that fear, self-doubts and procrastination are consuming you? 

Are you feeling dissatisfied and wanting more in life by starting an online business? 

Do you find it difficult to break through ​to that 'Next Level' in life?
If yes to the above, then this short post is a MUST read for you. 

The truth is, it is completely normal to feel this way when you want to start an online business.

Here's the good news: Even the worst case of procrastination, lag behind and self-doubts in starting an online business, is just a result of some 'faulty-wiring' in your habit.

And YES, it can be fixed. You need to learn and model those who have been through the same way as you do, and now achieve high level of success in their life. 

Once you are done with reading the reports, I will begin to reveal the blueprint in starting an online business. Like i said, starting an online business is a journey. You need to get the first piece of the puzzle right first which is the habits. By getting your copy of the free report, you will be immediately be added to The Online Business Mastermind Inner Circle

And i will guide you through to start an online business. But first and foremost, i could not emphasize enough, you need to own the successful habits first before you can jump start an online business. A building without a solid foundation will collapse in no time. You get the idea. ​

If you are serious in wanting to start a lifestyle online business and enjoy more freedom for yourself, You MUST learn the habits of the successful business owners first. Simply fill in your name and your best email address below and the report will be sent to your email right away. I will see you inside The Online Business Mastermind Inner Circle. 

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If the above is not convincing enough to you, here's a little bit about myself...​

With Darren Hardy, An American New York Times Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Mentor & Advisor, and former publisher of SUCCESS magazine. 

With Grant Cardone, an American New York Times Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Real Estate investor, Net worth of over $500 Million. 

With Jonathan Yabut, The Season 1 Winner of the Apprentice Asia and a highly sought-after international speaker. 

With Jan Wong, a successful young entrepreneur who founded a startup worths $3 Million in just 3 years. Another highly-sought after speaker. 

My name is Eric Jee. Over the years, i had this privilege of sitting down and chatted with the thought leaders around the globe. From their sharing, i was able to capture their success secrets, formula and habits. I personally utilize their secrets and habits to create a better life for myself.

I used to hold myself back when i wanted to create my first business back in 22. It was fear and self-doubts which led to procrastination. I was lost and did not know what to do! I gave it a try anyway. Guess what? I failed hard. My first online business failed miserably. Bad website design, extremely low traffic, and zero sales. And more importantly, i did not have the drive to make it better. I shut down the website and ditch the online business model. 

It was crappy. I lost my goal and purpose because i had not get my success mindset and habits right. ​

But i was thankful to have met so many wonderful mentors along the way to lift me from the miserableness. And today, i am able to call those successful business owners as my friends, and take advantage of their successful habits. 

I started all over again. This time i have a rhino skin because ​i am fully equipped with the successful habits. And BAM! Born my first online business!

At the age of just 22 back then,  i was able to create an online business for myself. My very first real tangible business. At the age of 23, i was an invited speaker for an international camp. Fast forward until today, my life is 10X more meaningful and bigger.

Despite of all the fears and self-doubts which lead to procrastination, i take full advantage of those successful business owners/entrepreneurs/CEO habits and make it mine. 

I realize that to start an online business is really a journey. First you need to get your attitudes and habits right first. Only then can dive in to see the how-to's of starting an online business. Believe me, i went through it. And you need to go through the same process as well. I have traveled the world to meet with the sharp-minded entrepreneurs in online business, and now you can save all the costs because i am here to deliver you the exact same process for you to start an online business successfully. 

You can have a great idea of a business, you can have a great resources of starting a business, but all these will not help you to create a successful online business unless you own the habits of successful business owners. 

Let's face it. You will definitely encounter challenges in starting an internet business. Ultimately, it is the successful habits that will help you run through all the challenges! ​

And now I've summarized all of them into an easy and simple report so that the information are easily applied to your life NOW! Simply fill in your name and your best email address, and click the red button "Yes! Send Me The Report!". The report will be sent to you right away.